Copper and Clay - Steel and Flesh

Fantasy Art Sculptor Bill Toma of Scottsdale ArizonaBill Toma of Scottsdale, Arizona is a world-renowned bronze sculptor of fantasy art. Bill's creations represent a vast and unique repertoire of his personal interests. Not limiting himself to one genre, he pursues a variety of subject matter which includes a series of Renaissance Harlequins, Greek Heroes, Male and Female Cyborgs, Nudes, Wildlife, Victorian Bronze Pedestals and he even created motorized sculptures.

Bill is fascinated with the sensual beauty of the female form, which is quite evident in his Harlequin and Nudes sculptures. He states: "My fascination with fantasy art results from the complete imaginative freedom it offers. It allows us to travel to realms beyond, to realms of an alternative reality where anything is possible, to realms that offer the substance of our dreams, to realms that fire the imagination.

Consequently, when we view on of Bill's exquisit Dragon sculptures, like "Dragonslayer", we see a magnificently armored knight with shield, lance and sword setting out to slay the beast astride a gigantic armored snail, delightfully whimsical, utterly fanciful, and totally paradoxical.



Bill Toma's work captures a flight of fancy, freezes the imaginations's most soaring dream, and brings it to terra firma for our pleasure and admiration.

Bill Toma's fantasy art creations are sought by international collectors and his beautiful sculptures are gracing homes all over the USA as well as Europe and South America. His high class bronze sculptures are found in the homes of numerous celebrities, such as Stevie Nicks, Heather Locklear, Michael Jackson, and Alice Cooper, just no name a few.

Bill has been doing bronze sculpture for 30 years, bringing to life dragons, Greek heroes and other imaginative creations.

Bill Toma bronze sculptures are available to private collectors and galleries world wide.

Feel free to browse through my gallery of fantasy art , nudes, Greek Heroes, Wildlife and pedestals.

Bill Toma sculptures are available directly from the artits. Toma Fine Art will ship to any country in the world. If you are interested in a work, please contact the artist directly. Some sculptures, such as the Greek Hero collection, are availalbe in finishes other than bronze, such as marble or stone finish.

Please contact Bill Toma if you are interested in a bronze sculpture with an alternative finish or to inquire about shipping options.